Elastic wall bearing


  • to reduce noise in adjacent areas and rooms
  • for stone and concrete walls
  • DN 12 – DN 25


Packaging unit

  • 2 pieces each of elastic wall plugs or rubberized plastic plugs and plastic plugs incl. Screws, nuts and washers

13,10 16,10 

excl. VAT

Shipping costs

  • plus. Weight-dependent shipping costs
  • worldwide shipping


The elastic wall mounting set is ideal for reducing noise in adjacent areas and rooms. The set consists of 2 elastic wall plugs, 2 elastic wall brackets and 2 plastic plugs including screws. The objects to be fastened are fixed to the wall above with the two elastic wall plugs. At the lower end, the objects are supported by the elastic wall bearings.

The elastic wall plugs and elastic wall bearings are made from high-quality natural rubber. This guarantees safe and flawless operation.

The elastic wall mounts are the ideal accessory for mounting trusses and machines quickly and reliably on a wall. At the same time, the dowels also reduce vibrations, prevent the transmission of structure-borne noise and thus increase the effectiveness of sound absorption in the low-frequency range. In principle, they can be used wherever material vibrations need to be reduced, for example in the vicinity of systems, appliances or machines that generate structure-borne noise. Elastic wall mounting is used, for example, for mounting loudspeakers, flat screens, gas boilers, boilers, wall clocks and pipes. They are also used for fastening sheet metal, housings and cladding. These often tend to be excited by vibrations and transmit these as noise to the surroundings like a membrane.

Experiments on stone walls of 10 to 30 cm thickness have shown sound level reductions of up to 20 dBA from one side of the wall to the other.

No liability is accepted for improper use.




max. Zug-
kraft am Dübel
max. Quer-
belastung am Dübel [kg]
ELW 1DN 122811,93,962M 4125820015
ELW 2DN 163615,95,876M 6166530030
ELW 3DN 204419,97,890M 8207660050
ELW 4DN 254824,89,8100M10259390080