Rubber-Metal Buffer – Type B


  • Material: natural rubber 55° +/-5 Shore A (medium hard), galvanized metal parts
  • with internal and external threads
  • other rubber/hardness versions, metal types and sizes on request


Areas of application

  • Elements for elastic fastening/anchoring and vibration-damping isolation of machines and various mechanical components

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Shipping costs

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The type B rubber-metal buffer consists of a high-quality natural rubber with a hardness of 55° Shore A, a galvanized external thread and an internal thread.

The rubber-metal buffer is used primarily in the elastic fastening and vibration-damping insulation of machines and other mechanical components.



Artikel.Nr. / Part NumberAbmaße / Dimension
Ø D x H
Gewinde / Thread
- G -
Länge / Length
- L -
Länge / Length
- L1 -
Gummi-Härte / Rubber Hardness
[° Shore]
Belastung / Load
- Fz -
B.010x010.M4x10.5510 x 10M 41045575
B.015x015.M5x10.5515 x 15M 510455120
B.015x025.M4x8.5515 x 25M 48455110
B.025x020.M6x18.5525 x 20M 618655410
B.030x020.M8x23.5530 x 20M 823855560
B.030x030.M8x23.5530 x 30M 823855504
B.040x030.M8x23.5540 x 30M 823855820
B.040x040.M8x23.5540 x 40M 823855660