Pneumatic Pipe Plug 6 bar


  • consists of a robust metal core with a passageway and a cover made of high-quality rubber (natural rubber)
  • inflatable via a car valve
  • Passage: 1″ or 2″
  • Temperature range: -20 to +80 °C


Areas of application

  • for sealing pipes and other circular ducts
  • Application range from DN 200 to DN 700

184,40 1.362,90 

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Shipping costs

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The pneumatic pipe plug are made from a robust metal core with a passageway and a sheath made from high-quality natural rubber. They are easy to handle, very robust and ensure quick and easy sealing of pipes and circular drains.

The closures can be used in a variety of ways, e.g. for shut-offs, pipe bursts, sewer inspections, manhole and sewer repairs and many other areas.

All pneumatic closures have a pipe passage, which enables bypassing and volume measurement. The passages are also closed with a blind lock as standard. The pneumatic pipe plugs are available in nominal sizes DN 200 to DN 700.



Artikel-Nr. /
Part Number
DN /
Einsatzbereich /
Size Range
Gesamtlänge /
Total Length
Durchmesser /
max. Gegendruck /
max. Back Pressure
Durchgang /
[Zoll / inch]
Gewicht /
2.PAP.200200190 - 21011018541"2,7
2.PAP.250250245 - 25511023041"3,9
2.PAP.300300290 - 30511028042"4,9
2.PAP.350350345 - 36011033042"5,9
2.PAP.400400390 - 40511038042"7,0
2.PAP.450450445 - 46016044042"15,7
2.PAP.500500495 - 50516048542"17,0
2.PAP.600600590 - 61016058542"20,0
2.PAP.700700690 - 71016068542"24,0