Pipe Repair Sealing Clamp – Short


  • Strong honeycomb structure of the sealing sleeve (EPDM, KTW approved) for better compensation of unevenness in the pipe
  • Length 60 mm
  • Temperature +90°C for water
  • Pressure 10 bar for water
  • Scope of delivery: sealing tape, bridge and threaded bolt made of stainless steel
  • easy assembly and low weight


Areas of application

  • a system for sealing holes, cracks and porous areas in water pipes
  • only for the cold water area
  • particularly suitable for cast iron pipe, PE pipe and PVC pipe
  • versatile
  • quick repairs of steel, cast iron and asbestos cement pipes

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Shipping costs

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  • worldwide shipping


Pipe repair sealing clamps are suitable for sealing holes, cracks and porous areas in water-carrying pipes with a smooth surface.

The strong honeycomb structure of the sealing sleeve (EPDM, approved for drinking water) helps to better compensate for unevenness in the pipe.

It is easy to install the pipe rupture sealing clamps in installation situations with limited space (7 mm is sufficient!).




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RDS.K.263026 - 3060
RDS.K.333733 - 3760
RDS.K.424542 - 4560
RDS.K.485148 - 5160
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