Pipe Repair Sealing Clamp – LONG


  • Strong honeycomb structure of the sealing sleeve (EPDM, KTW approved) for better compensation of unevenness in the pipe
  • Length 200 – 300 mm
  • Temperature +90°C for water
  • max. Pressure 10 bar for water
  • Scope of delivery: sealing tape, bridge and threaded bolt made of stainless steel
  • easy assembly and low weight


Areas of application

  • a system for sealing and short-term repair of holes, cracks and porous areas in water pipes
  • suitable for steel pipe, cast iron pipe and fiber cement pipe
  • versatile

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Shipping costs

  • plus. Weight-dependent shipping costs
  • worldwide shipping


Pipe repair sealing clamps are suitable for sealing water or gas pipes (note: only for gas pipes outside buildings).

Our stainless steel sealing tapes are made from 100% stainless steel 1.4301 (V2A) similar to AISI 304 and are suitable for quick and permanent repairs to broken, cracked or porous pipes. For areas of application that require higher general resistance (sewage treatment plants, chemical industry, increased chloride contents) we also offer the Maxi in V4A stainless steel quality.

The bolts are welded to the clamp so that only the stainless steel bridge is movable. It is therefore not necessary to remove elements of the stainless steel sealing strips at any time during installation. This means that no individual parts can be lost during installation.

Sealing sleeve made of EPDM for drinking water or NBR for gas (DIN DVGW) approved.




RDS.L.106116106 - 116200
RDS.L.108118108 - 118200
RDS.L.113123113 - 123200
RDS.L.118128118 - 128200
RDS.L.132144132 - 144200
RDS.L.135145135 - 145200
RDS.L.151161151 - 161200
RDS.L.159170159 - 170200
RDS.L.106116.3106 - 116300
RDS.L.108118.3108 - 118300
RDS.L.113123.3113 - 123300
RDS.L.118128.3118 - 128300
RDS.L.125135.3125 - 135300
RDS.L.132144.3132 - 144300
RDS.L.135145.3135 - 145300
RDS.L.140152.3140 - 152300
RDS.L.159170.3159 - 170300
RDS.L.165176.3165 - 176300
RDS.L.167177.3167 - 177300