Pipe Test Plug with Metalcore 1,5 bar


  • made of high-quality rubber (natural rubber) with fabric insert
  • Temperature range from -20 to +80 °C


Areas of application

  • Application range from DN 70 to DN 1.200
  • for secure sealing of pipes in the sewer area and simultaneous filling or testing of the internal pipe pressure

402,20 2.228,10 

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Shipping costs

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Our pipe test plug with a metal core are characterized by the combination of a robust metal body and a covered jacket made of natural rubber fabric. This sheath can be easily replaced and is temperature-resistant from -20°C to 80°C and partially resistant to chemicals. Thanks to their particularly high elasticity and flexibility, our test bladders adapt perfectly to a wide variety of pipe surfaces. The test plugs are available in the application range from DN 70 to DN 1200.

The test plugs with metal core are used, among other things, for the reliable sealing of pipes in the sewer area while simultaneously filling or testing the internal pipe pressure. The users include, for example Water management organizations, wastewater associations, the construction industry, industry or the fire department.



Artikel-Nr. /
Part Number
Einsatzbereich /
Size Range
Gesamtlänge /
Total Length
Durchmesser /
max. Gegendruck /
max. Back Pressure
Durchgang /
Gewicht /
2.APB.070015070 - 150400680,51"2,5
2.APB.1000150100 - 150260850,52"2,5
2.APB.1000200100 - 200400920,51"4,5
2.APB.1250200125 - 2002701150,52"4,5
2.APB.2000500200 - 5006801900,51" + 2"11,7
2.APB.3000600300 - 6006802700,51" + 2"20,0
2.APB.5000800500 - 8006804400,52x1" + 4"38,0
2.APB.5001200500 - 1.2009804400,52x1" + 4"50,0