Pipe plugs 12 bar


  • made of high-quality rubber (natural rubber) with fabric insert
  • Temperature range from -20 to +80 °C


Areas of application

  • Application range from DN 50 – DN 1,800
  • for secure sealing of pipes in the sewer area

168,00 5.840,70 

excl. VAT

Shipping costs

  • plus. Weight-dependent shipping costs
  • worldwide shipping


Pipe plugs are pneumatic pipe shut-off devices that can be used to temporarily and securely close or seal all types of pipelines. Our blocking plugs are the right choice for repairs, maintenance, accidents or leak tests on newly laid or renovated pipes. The pipe plugs are particularly suitable in the wastewater sector for leak testing with water and air in accordance with all standards, such as DIN EN 1610 or DWA-A 139.

Our weather- and temperature-resistant high-pressure blocking plugs are made of high-quality natural rubber with a fabric insert. The natural rubber fabric is very flexible and durable. The high-pressure shut-off bladders p=12.0 bar are available in nominal sizes DN 50 to DN 1800.



Artikel-Nr. /
Part Number
Einsatzbereich /
Size Range
Gesamtlänge /
Total Lenght
Durchmesser /
max. Gegendruck /
max. Back Pressure
Gewicht /
2.ABH.0050DN 503304560,4
2.ABH.0070DN 703706460,6
2.ABH.0100DN 1005008861,0
2.ABH.0150DN 15050013861,2
2.ABH.0200DN 20065018563,4
2.ABH.0300DN 30085028566,6
2.ABH.0375DN 3751.00035569,4
2.ABH.0500DN 5001.050485623,0
2.ABH.0600DN 6001.300585625,5
2.ABH.0800DN 8001.200785670,0
2.ABH.1200DN 1.2001.5001.1806140,0
2.ABH.1800DN 1.8001.0001.7806250,0