GEKA coupling female 1/2″


  • Material: Nickel-plated brass
  • Standard claw spacing 40 mm, combinations possible Compatible with all other GEKA® models
  • Water resistance up to 10 m water column
  • Operating pressure: max. 40 bar
  • Temperature range: approx. -5 °C to +100 °C


Areas of application

  • for water, industrial, suction and pressure hoses


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Shipping costs

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The GEKA coupling (claw coupling) is used as a coupling for water hoses in the fields of industry, professional horticulture, agriculture and forestry, building construction and civil engineering, domestic water systems, environmental protection as well as household and trade.

The purpose of a GEKA coupling (claw coupling) is to allow water to pass through quickly, firmly and tightly. This allows the couplings to be connected and disconnected easily and safely.