Complete house connection test set for air testing


Complete set in a case for leak testing with air incl. all shut-off devices, connection fittings and floor pump (without measuring devices)

  • 1 x Blocking plug DN 70 – 150 or DN 100 – 200
  • 1 x Test plug DN 70 – 150 or DN 100 – 200
  • 1 x Control unit for blocking- and testing plug
  • 1 x Filling- and Control valve for the pipe section to be tested
  • 1 x Adapter: Hose with plug nipple and car valve
  • 1 x Extension hose, 5 m
  • 4 x Air push rods, 1,5 m
  • 3 x Air push rods, 1,0 m
  • 2 x Air push rods, 0,5 m
  • 1 x 10m safety line with 2 snap hooks
  • 1 x Floor pump
  • 1 x Case

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The SuS test sets are specially configured and compiled to meet the requirements of different test tasks. The range extends from the standard version for simple testing tasks to the test set for leak testing sewage pipes with air and/or water in accordance with DIN EN 1610 and ATV-M 143 Part 6.

The test kits are available in nominal sizes DN 70 – DN 150 or DN 100 – DN 200. These are ideal for straight pipe sections, bends and elbow pipes up to 90°. This set optionally includes a digital pressure gauge as well as all fittings and accessories required for leak tests in accordance with DIN EN 1610. Test kits are used in the acceptance testing of heating or solar pipes, underfloor heating systems, liquid gas pipes and waste water pipes. The test kits are also suitable for pressure adjustment/testing or vacuum/leak testing of oil lines and oil pumps.